Course details

2 hour free drink allotted 【Individual flight course】 6 items 9000 yen → 8000 yen (excluding tax)

2 hour free drink allotted 【Individual flight course】 6 items 9000 yen → 8000 yen (excluding tax)

By using a coupon8000 yen

(Tax excluded)

  • 6items
  • 2persons-
All-you-can-drink available

All-you-can-drink 2 hours

Reservation deadline
2 days before 13 o'clock on arrival desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday, Sunday and public holiday

* We will offer you premium all you can drink including festival at + 980 yen (tax excluded).

Course menu

Miscellaneous goods ~ An example of one day ~

First-handed licorice's spicy beans

Raw noodles ham rolled

Kazu Tosa of bracken

Assami stick sushi

Kawahagi liver soy sauce

Boiled bamboo shoot

Sake Hirasuki

Broiled scallop

Red snapper



Shinshu Shinshu salmon Yuanoyaki

Vinegared thing hotfish squid rice vinegar

Homemade hand-made hand-made soba or hand-held sushi

As we will prepare dishes using seasonal ingredients,

The content varies from day to day.Please acknowledge it.

※The photograph is an image.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold (Raw) / Sapporo Black Label (Raw) / Sapporo Ebisu (Medium Jar) / Suntory Bremia Malts (Medium Jar) / Asahi Dry Zero (Non Al)
· Super Nikka High Ball / Shinshu Hi Ball / De Words Highball
· Ginga Mai Ginjyo / Mizuo Special Book Brewery / Daisuzhou Dry exceptional special rice
· Shochu
· Saku no Hana (Soba) / Kao King (Potato) / Kobara (Wheat)
· Tea ceremony sour
· Green tea split / oolong tea split / soba tea split / adult tea hi / Seto Inland lemon sour
·Fruit wine
· Yuzu from Tokushima Prefecture / Lemon liquor from Hiroshima Prefecture / White Kaga plum wine
· Yuzu in the sky / soymilk apricot kernel / cassis crow dragon / cassis tea / cassis soy milk
·Soft drink
· Wilkinson ginger ale / green tea / soba tea / oolong tea
Masudojanini (red) / Masudanjani (white)

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